Friday, November 13, 2009

A Haunting Question

This is the toughest post I've made this year and it is a haunting question. I've thought about it all day.

Above is a photo from yesterday when we took Paige to the zoo. They have a nice playground there which she enjoys so much. It is one of the first places we took her to enjoy. When we got home, I loaded the pictures on the computer and she was sitting in my lap looking at them. When we came to this picture, she got really excited because this was one in which she was trying to help a little boy come up the slide. He was younger and she just loves to be a helper when she has an opportunity.

She asked me why I didn't take a picture of the little boy :( That question really made me stop and think. I remember the moment. I considered taking his picture with her but decided not to do it and just have a picture of her. She wanted him in the picture because she was helping him.

I'm not proud of the fact that I left the little boy out of the picture and I won't do it again. This has really bothered me all day today. I'm glad she pointed out this character flaw of mine by asking this question. We can learn so much from little children if we'll only listen with our hearts.

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