Friday, January 9, 2009

An Afternoon of Fun in the Sun!!!!!

OK, this was such a fun afternoon for me after being sick and stuck on the couch for so long. It felt SO, SO good to go outside in the sunshine this afternoon and try to get some shots for my blog. I just walked around looking for something interesting and I came across this wagon and had an idea. I have two daughters that are 12 mos. 3 wks. apart in age and this was their wagon, given to them by my brother, when they were toddlers. So this wagon is close to 30 yrs. old (and close to my heart :) My granddaughter is now playing with it. Just keep reading and scrolling and you'll see what I did with it.

So while I was trying to work on my composition with the little wagon (lying on my stomach on the wet ground!), look who pops into the picture - hello Rudi! This cat was my youngest daughter's cat when she was in college and now lives with us. She got him when he was about 5 days old, bottle-fed and saved his life while she was in nursing school.

Then as I went onto the screened-in porch on the back, look who else pops up - hello Halle. Halle was my oldest daughter's cat in college and she now lives with us, too. Halle was rescued from a vet's office. My daughter's roommate's dad was a vet and was trying to find a home for her. She got her around Halloween so she named her Halle. Her boyfriend at the time (now her husband) asked why didn't she name her Weenie! lol

Then while I was on the porch, I noticed that one of my plants, an old Kalanchoe, on the back porch was beginning to bloom so I snapped a photo of it. It felt like a spring day instead of a winter day for me and did my soul good.

Now, finally, this was what I was going for - a photo of the old wagon and used my digital filter to change the tone to Sepia to make it look like an old photograph and I like it so much!

I had a brother-in-law who sent this photo back to me that was in an earlier post in color with the change in tone to Sepia. I loved that so much that I changed it on my camera and wanted to post it here, too. How thankful I am to be well again!


  1. Very, very nice. I like the sepia for that yesterday look and feel. And I loved the progression of the story, too.

    So good you're feeling better and you could enjoy a sunny, green day!

  2. I am not your brother-in-law - I am your sister :)

  3. The email came from the name of your husband! so there!