Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

One of my blogging friends made a comment a while back that this world of blogging will help you learn things about yourself. I have learned that I am scared of this new technology - scared I will "break" something or do it wrong. I'm slowly peeling off that layer of me and now I'm realizing that with this blog, I have been too haphazard and need to organize better how I learn. I love Bryan Peterson and have these wonderful books by him. My plan is to shoot and study one aspect at a time about photography and as I do, to get to know my camera better and what it will do. And I probably need to get out of my back yard! lol

Now - the country mouse and the city mouse. I am definitely a country mouse. I love living in the country. I do enjoy visiting the city and when I do, I admit I act like someone who doesn't "get out" much because I have fun. But I'm always ready to get back to my peaceful little corner of the world in the country. Yesterday we had a lot of sunshine. The above photo shows what it was like today.

Here's a look at our backyard looking thru the pines down to the lake. I did notice that the very last tree closest to the lake looked like something had knawed on it. My husband said a beaver chewed on it so I plan to photograph that tree. It's pretty interesting how the beaver chewed in a pattern.

Tried to get a little abstract something going on here and played around with this. The yellow color below didn't come through as I remember seeing it. This is the top step leading to mount hubby's tractor.

This is just the garden hose but I thought it was kind of abstract, too, and I love the colors. I never realized the old garden hose had these pretty colors until you get up close and personal.

Then I climbed on the John Deere and shot this hoping it would help you "feel" what it's like to drive a tractor. I've never driven it and I need to do that one day just for the heck of it. I did the old sepia thing again because it's old. This technique I think I've got and it's going to get boring to do it everyday but I do like the look with the tractor, too.

So there you have it - some photos shot in my backyard from this country mouse!

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  1. Love all the photos and in such a backyard as yours, well, don't worry about taking too many pictures there. It's not possible to have too many pictures there!

    And you really should drive the tractor if just once. It's so much fun!