Friday, January 30, 2009

A Decorating Tip

A few years ago, I was shopping in a little gift shop and fell in love with these pillar candles. All three of these photos were very difficult to photograph. I need to study more about low light. Anyway, I hope you can see the detail. They are decoupaged with stamps from different countries and I just thought they were beautiful. BUT. . .they were expensive. The shop owner saw me lingering over them and I told her I just loved them but couldn't justify spending that much money on something that would "burn up". So. . . she gave me this little suggestion and I think it's so clever - clever enough that I bought the candles! ha!

Some of you may already know about this little tip but I didn't. She suggested burning the pillar candles down far enough so that you have a hollowed out place deep and wide enough to put either a votive candle or one of these little tea lites and burn them instead. And they come in scents. So you never burn the expensive pillar candle down, just replace the smaller candle. Clever, huh?

Here is a photo of the candle with the smaller candle burning but it looks as if the larger pillar candle is lit. I've had these candles about 4 years or longer and I still love them. I'm not a fabulous decorator by any means but just thought I'd pass along this tip to any of you who didn't know about it and would be interested in using it.

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  1. That's awesome! It always irritated me how the pillar candles would hollow out as they burned. Such a waste. But this is a very clever idea, indeed. Thanks! And I do like these candles, too!