Friday, January 16, 2009

A Change of Pace

I know that a lot of you are tired of seeing just shots of a bike at different focal lengths and different distances away from the bike.
So from now on, I am still going to do my experiments with all that "stuff" but just keep the photos on my computer for comparison and post photos that are going on in my life for each day. That was one of the original reasons for the blog - a blogging scrapbook of each day of my life for the year 2009. So. . . .

Here are photos from early this morning. Miss Priss wanted to play with Play Doh in her pjs before breakfast. She will sit at the bar and play with markers or any drawing material for at least an hour, sometimes 1 1/2 hrs.! And we bought Play Doh yesterday and she absolutely loves it. She is discovering different ways to work with both all on her own which is so exciting for me to watch. I just snapped these photos and didn't take any care to make any kind of special settings. I just picked up the camera and snapped. Hey, it's a day in the life! I wanted to show you her artwork - a snowman with all kinds of accessories! ha!
NOTE: Notice her little Hello Kitty bandaid on her little thumb in the top photo :)

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  1. :) the hello kitty bandaid was one of the first things i noticed, haha
    I love documenting everything with your camera. I am horrible about taking pictures, and i've got to get better, because i love them!