Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

In my previous post, I promised I would have photos today of the pine tree that the beaver (or maybe beavers) cut their teeth on!

Here's another view of the same tree. This tree is one of the pines that is closest to the lake. Beavers are all across the lake. Some banks are caving in where they dug tunnels up into the land. It's amazing to see.

Here is a close-up of the tree. I guess we will lose this tree. These photos were just "snapped" to show what has happened to the tree.

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  1. We have beavers in our pond too and we do not like them at all because they have destroyed all of our good trees that my mom has workes so hard to plant. We set traps and we also hunt them (that is the only hunting I really enjoy to do with Bradfield)
    They are really neat animals but they do a lot of damage.