Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Repeating Exercise with the 18mm Lens

Today I used the widest angle lens I have, my 18mm, so I don't have as many shots to post. The wide angle lens will take in a lot of scenery.

The two above show the view standing and taking 5 steps forward. Only 5 steps and there I was upon the bike because I didn't have to stand back as far to get the bike and space around it all in the frame for the first shot. On the second frame, I had to point my camera down at the bike but I didn't worry about composition - I just pointed down at the bike and shot.

Now I'm on my knees and this is the first shot.

Here is the final shot on my knees. As you can see, I could have composed anywhere along the bike but I didn't worry about that. I just shot.

I'm on my belly again and didn't even think about my neighbor this time! This was pretty early in the morning and the sun was to my back.

Here's the final shot on my belly and, again, I could have composed anywhere along the bike, up, down or in-between. I just shot the handlebars. It was so tempting to adjust the lens but I had to keep it at 18mm and not move it.

I have to tell you that yesterday when I started these exercises, I was out at around 9:30 or 10:00 am and did ALL my shooting with the intention of taking my camera in and riding my bike. When I went inside to view the photos, I discovered that my card was NOT in the camera! It was still in the computer! ugh! But I was persistent and went back outside with the card IN my camera and shot all those shots again! THEN I rode my bike for the first time in a long time. Today I made sure my card was in my camera before I walked out the door at about 7:00 this morning! Then I rode my bike again. Tomorrow I hope to use a different size lens and do it again.

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