Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just What the Doctor Ordered (for Today)!

Here is a pic my husband took of our pool (although I think he was really taking pics of flowers that day!). This is where I spent most of my day today.

I have been waking up (and going to bed) with aches and pains all over my body, front and back, so I googled physical symptoms of grief today and got my answer. When your grief is leaving your mental state (or beginning to), it has nowhere to go but your body (with some people - everyone's different). Advice was given to just give heat or cold, whichever feels better, maybe go to a chiropractor as opposed to using drugs or alcohol.

So. . . I decided that I am completely normal and instead of lying around in this house on a heating pad all the time (which is depressing), to get outside and get cool from the pool! And it did the trick today! It was wonderful!

While I was in the pool just floating around, too, I went over what I've done in my life in the last month to six weeks and have decided that I've not done too badly. I took care of my mother through her sickness at the end, helped to plan her memorial service, went through her memorial service, went to a family reunion during that time which was held at MY house, went to a musical at the Shakespeare Playhouse here, went to hear my husband's band twice, went to another concert, went to a church outing and took my granddaughter with me, kept up my babysitting when requested, went to church and even tried to sing in the choir.

I also went through her things in her house and storage room thoroughly, brought the things I wanted home and have been trying to organize them as well as writing thank you notes, etc.

I really didn't feel like doing any of this but I did. A lot of it I had to MAKE myself do it! So I think I'm pretty normal here and doing the best I can and will not feel guilty today for spending my day relaxing in the pool.

My body does not have aches and pains anywhere right now. :)

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