Friday, July 17, 2009

An Outing For Me

Yesterday I took an outing. I was invited to go to a little town where there was a craft store with art and crafts from local artists. Our church group called 50+ was the group that invited me to go. There were around 30 people that went on the trip and since I was keeping Paige that day, I took her with me and told them that this trip would be a 2+ trip!

She loves being around adults and did just fine. It was about a 2 hr. drive, I guess, over there. We first went to the store and looked around. We also got a nice surprise, a talk and presentation from a young man who grew up in Gee's Bend where the famous Gee's Bend quilts originated. He was very interesting. I think that was my favorite part of the trip (besides just being with people I love and just getting out of the house and away from the things I've been doing lately).

Next we went to an antebellum mansion and had lunch which was very good all except for the dessert. I didn't like it (which is unusual because I usually love dessert). While we were eating, one of the workers there came into our dining area and told ghost stories about the old house. Then the 2 hr. drive back with lots of conversation with friends and Paige took a nap.

The only thing I'm concerned about as far as myself goes is that I still am not as motivated as I would like to be to get back into my creative things, not even photography. I contemplated taking my camera yesterday and decided against it because I thought it would be difficult to keep up with Paige, a camera and taking pics and trying to look around in the store, etc. So I did not take her photo above. A friend did and I appreciate it so much.

Today I am going to go through my mother's things again, sort and organize. It's just a "loose end" that bothers me and I think my creative urges will come back after I take care of my "loose ends". That's just me. Can't work with clutter in the way. Or at least that's the way my mind handles it.

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