Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rudi and My Sister

This is a painting I did a while back in pastels of our cat, Rudi, when he was really not our cat. He was our youngest daughter's cat and was a teeny kitten. I painted it in an art class from a photo I'd taken of him sitting in a chair. He was such a cute little kitten. :)

Rudi was raised by my daughter when she was in nursing school. The vet predicted he was about five days old when she got him. She bottle fed him, waking up in the middle of the night, etc. even though she was in nursing school. I know it was tough to do but she "loved" him back to life.

When my daughter had been married for a little while, we "inherited" him along with our oldest daughter's cat, too. We didn't have any cats for a while and I had just adopted a 4 month old kitten so now we have three cats (and a dog!).

Anyway, my purpose of posting this painting of Rudi this morning is that I'm a little worried about Rudi and my sister, who is flying in today to be here through a long weekend, getting along. The last time she was here and stayed here, he attacked her. I still don't understand what happened but my sister ended up in PriMed with antibiotics, etc. Rudi had to be "sequestered" for about ten days and since he's been out of jail, he's been a much nicer cat.

Our vet told us that now the only chance Rudi has is to live with some family like us that he loves and who understands him because of the attack. The Humane Shelter could never adopt him out because of his "record". He really can be a sweet cat. He's just misunderstood sometimes and you have to be "careful" with him. Our vet said that because he was raised by a human and not a mother cat, that he thinks he's a human and can never be dominated. Of course, I don't think ANY cat could be dominated! ha! Cats are so different from dogs.

But we will be gone to visit my oldest daughter and her husband part of the time that my sister is staying here and I just hope and pray no attack or any altercation of any kind takes place between the two of them while we're gone and everyone just gets along!

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  1. I love the pastel drawing. But I find the story of Rudi most interesting. Sometimes I think animals just get this feeling of discomfort around people. We can't understand it, but they do. If he had to "attack," it's good that it was your sister. Someone outside the family could be far more upset. I hope all is going well with your sister and Rudi. And they you enjoyed a great visit in Nashville!