Thursday, July 16, 2009


To continue with what happened next as best I remember . . . after my mother spent the night in ICU on Apr. 28th, they took her upstairs to the ICU unit and I think she stayed there about a week or so, then moved her to a regular room and I think she had a roommate. She improved but we knew we couldn't be doctors, nurses, therapists, and take her home so we got her into a rehab/nursing facility and she seemed to be doing pretty good. But while she was there, we changed roommates once for her and then she was admitted 3 times back to ER, same cycle again. Finally, they suggested home health care and Hospice and it was her choice to go home. So we took her home and she lasted less than a week at home. But she was born at home and died at home and that's what she wanted. She did die in peace and comfortably and with all her family around her (except for my younger sister who couldn't make it until the next day or so).

Her memorial service was perfect to me. I think it was exactly what she would have wanted down to the color and kind of flowers on her blanket across her casket.

I thought I wanted to get into the details of all this but I don't. I think I have peace with it all and want to just get her things "straight" and move on. I still have photos and paperwork to separate and then sort and label. This will be a long job but I need to do it. I've decided NOT to be involved in any kind of "lottery" for my mother's things. I have what I want with no contest and am happy. My brother and 2 sisters can do the lottery if they want but I'm not participating. I don't care if what I have is a Roseville or a McCoy, etc. I just wanted whatever I listed and got because it was Mama's and reminded me of her. The most precious things I got were things she made.

Hope to be back tomorrow.

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