Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Skydiver!

It seems my granddaughter has a new hobby - skydiving from the steps going up to the slide!

She fell early last night from the ladder going up to the slide. Her mommy took her to the ER and they took xrays, put a splint on it and she did get to talk to an orthopaedic doctor who suggested she call tomorrow morning to come in for a look. She probably will get a cast.

This morning I got a call from her mommy asking if I'd like to go to Target with them as a fun day just for Paige since she hurt her arm. I said I'd love to!
So off we go. But before I left, I cooked our nighttime meal (theirs and ours) and took it with me when we went to their house to visit and see how she was doing. It was the first time I've cooked since around April 28th!

You see, I have this wonderful husband. He has cooked every meal (or either we have eaten leftovers from what he cooked or have eaten out) every night since then.

Anyway, we went to Target and no other place. We stayed in Target about 3 or 4 hours! Paige did NOT let this "bad arm", as she called it, stop her one bit. She just kept on truckin'. She had a blast playing and looking at toys, trying on boots and shoes (some of them all by herself with one arm and ones that zipped!). She ran and sang and was so happy. And she behaved like a happy child. She didn't whine and cry and feel sorry for herself. She was just wonderful. Do I need to sing her praises more (as a grandmother naturally would!)? ha!

I guess I just expected her to be pitiful but neither she nor her mother were pitiful at all. They were wonderful and uplifting to be with and helped my spirits. I am very tired but I thoroughly enjoyed my day!

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