Monday, August 3, 2009

Feeling Like Cinderella!

I feel like Cinderella trying to get this post in before the clock strikes midnight but I don't think I made it! ha!

I love this photo. We spent this past weekend in Nashville. Erin really does a great job at finding us girls something different and fun to do every time. This is just one of the fun things we saw and did this trip. We went to a park called Dragon Park (I think she said that's just what the locals call it - I don't know the "official" name). But it had a huge dragon made completely from mosaics and it was beautiful to look at and photograph. I just love all the color.

They also had slides, a big sandbox way up high (I was just told about that. I didn't actually see this.), a seesaw that looked like a ladybug but I didn't photograph it. It was a nice day weather wise to do this.

Afterwards we went to a popsicle place that was fantastic. I had a cantaloupe popsicle that tasted just like fresh canteloupe. There's more to post about this trip to Nashville which I will do tomorrow.

But I don't think I made it under midnight so two posts may show the same date. Oh well. . .

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  1. Yes, I love these bright, beautiful photos you uploaded and posted. So glad you enjoyed this wonderful time in Nashville. And a cantaloupe popsicle? Very interesting! Fun!