Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feline College Kitties

I just went through a long post about these kitties and blogger didn't accept it. I don't know what went wrong and it's after 1 am here so I'm going to shorten this post.

These cats were feline college buddies. The one in the top photo that you see the best is Rudi, my youngest daughter's cat, that she nursed and saved his life. He was found as an orphan. She even got up during the night while she was going to nursing school to feed him.

The next picture, bottom one, was my oldest daughter's cat. She was rescued, too, and almost died in the very beginning. When my daughter got married, her husband was allergic to cats so we got her. She is a hunter. She caught a hummingbird once. That's how fast she is.

We love them both even though we had just gotten a new dog and cat and didn't expect to have any more pets - just a dog and a cat. :) But these two new additions have made our life interesting and more loving. We love our pets, one dog and 3 cats!

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