Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paw Paw Day, Ducks in a Row, and Composition Mistakes

Today was "Paw Paw Day"! We had Paige today and had our day planned. First thing in the morning, we played golf and, of course, Paw Paw was everything. Then we had lunch and went to get my mother-in-law to help her with some banking and then on to the park to play and feed the ducks. She would not let anyone do anything for her or with her except Paw Paw. It was so funny. But we had a wonderful time.

Here are my "ducks in a row"! ha! I didn't realize they were in a row like this until I imported them onto the computer and looked at them. I took probably a half dozen shots of these cute little baby ducks and as I was looking at them tonight, I realized it all was just point and shoot and wanted to point out a couple of mistakes. Paige really brought my attention to this one above. She wanted to see the pictures I took of the ducks and when she saw this one, she said, "you cut the Mama's tail off, Bear Bear"! And I did! But I do love the three little ducks in a row!

Here's the second mistake I found. Since I was shooting in a hurry and not paying attention to any details or composition or anything, I saw this mistake later. You can see the shadow of my head reflected in the water. Of course, with today's cropping tools, etc., a duck or two could be cropped into an ok photo.

Another "fresh", positive day!

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