Sunday, August 30, 2009

Isn't It A Lovely Ride?

About a week ago, I decided to go back to my very first post of this year and read it. It was really a strange sensation reading it. I felt the very same excitement as I did that day beginning this blog and something very new for me. If you want to read it, go here to read it again. I love James Taylor's words - sliding down and gliding down, try not to try too hard, it's just a lovely ride.

I think I've been trying too hard lately and worried about a lot of things I had no control over. But I guess that's just the human condition. I did the best I could and didn't expect the unexpected. Who know what the rest of this year that I turned 60 will hold?

I love the photo above. I think it illustrates the lyrics to the song. Here is Paige, with a cast on her arm, and she's just holding both arms high up in the sky, sliding down and gliding down. She's trying not to try too hard and just having a lovely ride. :)

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