Monday, August 31, 2009

Nice Day For a Picnic!

We started out this morning after breakfast with planting seeds in a little clay pot with Paige and put them on the porch to grow and keep watered. Then I painted her toenails blue and massaged her feet with lotion which she loved. Then she was so sweet. She wanted to put lotion on my feet and massage them. :)

Then I packed us a picnic lunch and we headed out for Shakespeare Park for a picnic. We spread a blanket under a shade tree by the water and were in the middle of our picnic when I spotted across the other side of the water a young lady with a nice-looking camera taking photos and pointing our way. I really didn't think very much about it, just thinking it was someone like me enjoying the beautiful weather and taking photos at this beautiful park. In fact, it even crossed my mind that I hated that we were in her way and she might be trying to get a good landscape photo. In just a few minutes, she walked over to us ( a pretty good little walk ) and asked if she could have our names explaining that she was with the local paper and just taking photos of people enjoying the beautiful weather in different locations around the city. So I told her our names and she asked where we were from and I told her. Then we had a wonderful conversation about mother/daughter relationships, photography, Photoshop, and a lot of different subjects.

Paige was just in the paper a few weeks ago and now I wonder if this one will be in the paper one day this week or maybe even tomorrow. I checked the website when I got home and nothing had been posted for the day. I'll check again tonight and tomorrow.

After the park, we went to Books A Million and enjoyed reading a few books and Paige played with the big train set and looked at a few toys. Then we went next door to the pet store and looked around.

It was a wonderful day. We enjoyed the weather and our activities. Paige took a nap on the way home and on the couch after we got home which gave me time to finish our dinner and we ate with her daddy and sent her mother a plate. Paw Paw is eating now. It was a full day and, again, I am so tired but it is a good tired feeling like I helped people who appreciated it.

I do have to say that these vitamins I'm taking are doing wonders for me. I have so much more energy and a better and more positive outlook on life. I am so thankful I found out about them.

Oh, and by the way, the photo above is of Paige at the Shakespeare Park, a beautiful, beautiful place.

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