Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fair Day!

The sky was NOT this blue today at the fair! I played around with color because we had such a good time, I just couldn't stand to post a photo with the grey skies. It never rained on us for the 7 to 8 hrs. we were there, but the threat of a storm brought us wonderful breezes and cooled things off very nicely.

I think we covered everything pretty much that we could that was age appropriate. We looked at the exhibits, had cotton candy, fudge, ice cream, hamburger and fries, rode just about every ride that Paige was "qualified" to ride, watched the sea lion show, went to the petting zoo, visited with some old friends we saw, and saw a puppet show at the end. I'm sure I left out something but we had a great time and everyone should sleep well tonight:)

It just wouldn't seem like Fall without going to the fair.

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