Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Decided Not To Sit It Out!

What a great experience I had tonight! I photographed the Capitol Sounds band/orchestra of about 55 musicians at the First Baptist Church which was huge. It was a last minute thing because the director only asked me last night if I would do it. At first, I hesitated and then I decided, what the heck, I'll do it.

So I went to the church during the day today to learn my way around and look at the lighting, etc., talked to a friend that I admire her photography about it, talked to a guy who teaches at a photography shop, and took their advice. It was very well lit so it was really no problem. I haven't "played around" with the photos yet because I took 135 of them and that will take a while so I just posted a group picture of them right before they started performing. It was taken from the balcony. The stain glass was beautiful and I got some shots of it. I also took one shot outside during the "golden hour" that I think is beautiful - another dome!

We were enchanted by three women musicians, an organist, a trumpet player, and a soloist with the most wonderful voice I've heard in a long time - a powerful voice! It was just beautiful! I was doubly blessed tonight because I heard beautiful music and got to do what I love (photography) while listening. I will post some more photos from this shoot because some of them I really like. And all because I decided not to sit it out but to dance!! Life is full of opportunities and I am learning to start taking them when they come up!

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