Saturday, October 3, 2009

Still Wrong

On the way to a birthday party today for a cute little one-year old, I read up some more on the polarizing filter and I still don't have it right but I'm too tired to go into it tonight. *sigh* I will on another post.

I went up to my sewing area to sew after I got home from the birthday party and 9 hours later (!), I had NOT sewn a stitch! I spent that long cleaning out and organizing all the junk I have up there but I really got a lot accomplished and have got it better organized than it's ever been. I have just a little, tiny bit to finish which I hope to do tomorrow. I just can't concentrate to work in such as mess as I had up there. I had emptied out the entire closet. But now the closet is all clean and organized and everything labeled and sorted. It is so nice :)

My legs and feet are aching from staying on them for 9 hours but it will be worth it all to go back up there tomorrow to finish up the little bit left and sew in an organized space. Hopefully, now I can get something productive and creative done!

P.S. - The photo above was another one using the polarizing photo yesterday which turned out good. I didn't take a photo of my sewing closet or sewing room. I need to so you can see how organized it is. Now to keep it that way!

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