Friday, October 2, 2009

Polarizing Filter

Well, I am sometimes known for doing things "backwards". ha! But. . . that's the way I learn a lot of times. This is an example:

I read a brief note about polarizing filters and I still haven't read a lot about them. When I went to the camera shop yesterday to have my cards put on CDs and cleaned up for this photo session with the band/orchestra, I bought a polarizing filter. The employee there (who teaches photography classes) did give me a little "crash course" on it before I bought it. It's main purpose is to prevent glare and, he said, unwanted side light from coming in. He said it would make blue skies a more intense blue and take glare off green leaves on trees, etc.

So. . . I got home today and grabbed my camera, put the polarizing lens on and got outside during the golden hour. I took photos of the sky and clouds and it was a beautiful day to do that. There were so many beautiful white clouds and at that hour, some of them were tinted in pinks and oranges from the sun.

Most of the few I took turned out really pretty and I could see a difference but tonight as I was reading a little more about this lens, the correct way to use it is at a 90 degree angle to the sun or having the sun to your back. One of the photos I took with it was looking straight into the sun as it was setting!! I did notice that it was more difficult to find a "stopping place" when turning the filter on that photo. It was still a beautiful photo. But do and learn. That's me!

The sun was to my back with the above photo. I love it!

One more note: The author of the photography book I'm reading said the ONLY way to get a great photo is with a polarizing lens and good luck! ha! Can't wait until we have another rainbow!!

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