Friday, October 9, 2009

Strange Day!

"It's a beautiful day, Paw Paw." That statement will make you feel so bad when you wake up with the devil in you as I did this morning. I don't know what was wrong with me! I was in such a bad mood. Johnny left (for which I don't blame him) and took Paige to the park and then when they got home, rode the 4-wheeler. During that time, I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and then I started feeling like the devil was leaving me! ha! I felt so much better.

I also got hot and sweaty and it WAS a beautiful day. The sky was a beautiful blue with beautiful white clouds and a breeze blowing, in the 80's, so I asked Paige if she wanted to go swimming. The water temp was 80 degrees and it was just a little bit chilly but the sun was so warm that it really felt great. We went swimming in October! You know you're in the deep south when you can go swimming in October when people are decorating for Halloween and Fall! ha!

So, all in all, it ended up being a beautiful day (just as Paige said). Out of the mouth of babes:)

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