Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day With My Mother

I spent the day mostly with my mother today. The above photo is a house in her neighborhood across the street from her. I thought this was an unusual way to decorate for Valentine's Day and I like it so much that I just had to photograph it. I think it's crepe paper but not sure. Don't you love all those colors just flying around in the breeze?

My mother and I decided to go out to eat at Chick fil A before we went to get haircuts. My daughter and Paige met us and the candy and balloon were from them.

She had a wonderful outing with us and we celebrated Valentine's Day a day early.

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  1. I do love those streamers billowing in the wind, a very nice Valentine's Day celebration! And it's so good you had sweet time with your mother. Simple moments, grand treasures.