Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Exciting Shot for Me!

I didn't post the last two days (I hate it because I was committed to post a photo every day of the year on this blog in 2009) but I was just too tired.

Today as I was coming home around 3:30 in the afternoon, I got this shot of the moon in daylight hours with my telephoto lens. I cropped it and probably "over-cropped" it, but you can click on the photo and actually see the craters!

The first shot was not as blue so I checked my white balance and changed it from daylight to tungsten and that made it this blue. I like the effect. It's just fun to experiment with photography.


  1. Awesome shot! You CAN see the craters and that vivid blue is amazing. Nice Work!

  2. Great picture Mrs. Sherry! I have missed your posts the last few days! :)

  3. Thanks, Ana. I loved the blue, too, and I was completely amazed at seeing the moon, much less the craters!

    Kat, I'm sorry. I've missed doing the posts, too, but just had a lot to do and was tired every night. I like to have photos with every post if I can and hadn't taken any those two days. I'm starting to look into stock photos for times like that but I've got to learn how to do it. I've only done it once.