Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Day

Here is part of what I did today - eat Valentine candy corn and watch a movie! ha! I did work some on one of my "secret" projects, too and tried to "fix" those towels (see a couple or three posts below). But. . .

THIS is what my little sneak of a husband did. . . they are building a house for the TV show Extreme Makeover in a subdivision just a few miles from where we live and he "snuck" in and got some pics. There are signs all over that say to stay out but he got behind the bus that takes workers in and out, then parked somewhere and walked to the house! What a little sneak! ha! He called me and told me about it as he was coming home and was so excited. I asked him if he saw Ty Pennington and he said no, but he got some pics of a girl he thought was on there. When I asked what she looked like (because I have watched it a few times and I think I remember the girl pictured above as one of the designers in the show), he said she had long, dark hair! Girls, don't ever trust men's descriptions of people!

Here's the house. They are "moving the bus" on Monday, I think. After it's all over, I'll probably ride over there and look at it. This house is huge compared to all the other homes in this subdivision. Interesting.


  1. I've heard of people going there to work, I don't know how they got in on it though. I know there is one girl on the show named Paige, but I don't think that's her! Daddy better be careful before he gets in trouble! haha!

  2. What a fun day, for you and hubby! It is pretty exciting to just kinda hang out when you know something of public interest is happening in your neck of the woods. I've never been the kind to ask for autographs, thinking that had to be a pain, but I sure do like spotting a "celeb" or two. :)

  3. this is so funny..and sneaky! haha.

    Where is this house??? i had no idea it was close to us in hope hull.

    Also...ha! my background change is ACTUALLY what i thought my background had looked like for weeks. my computer at school does not show the cutest blog on the block backgrounds for some reason anymore. for that reason i changed my background to this but did not know that it had not worked until i got on my mom's computer. :)

  4. It's in Southlawn. I can't remember the name of the street.