Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photographing a Two-Year Old!

After taking little stinker to church with us today (which, by the way, was wonderful, no problems), I wanted to photograph her with her pillowcase (giraffe) dress I made for her before we changed her clothes. No problem, huh? WRONG!

I started out opening all the shutters for plenty of natural light, put my camera on manual operations and began. These smaller photos are what I got.

I guess she just wasn't in the mood to have her picture made. I left the manual mode and went to automatic with flash. That still didn't work.

She had already taken her hair down and her hair was all in her face. So I had a tough time getting an angle where you could see her face, too.

I switched from the wide angle lens to the telephoto lens thinking she will forget that I'm snapping away and that didn't work. She still was aware I was around with that camera! ha!

Things just went to bad to worse.

The girl just moves too fast. I even put it on the sports mode and that didn't work!

This one was not "too" bad.

Look at THIS!

You can see the dress a little here but no face.

Almost a complete blur!

Blue, blue, blue - white balance was off.

Decided to switch subjects and got a silhouette.

This was not too bad.

Eyes closed here but these last two were as good as it got today so I called it a day!

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