Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Spa Gift

This project is how I spent a lot of my day because I'm not that experienced in monogramming. I gave my oldest daughter towels for Christmas that she wanted but got the color wrong and, thank goodness, I hadn't monogrammed them because of being sick. So I was able to swap to white and monogrammed them today. Now I will mail them to her in Nashville - sorry they're so late. They look ok and I know it's difficult to tell from this photo (unless you click and look closer) but I really am not completely satisfied with the way the thread covered. I'm going to take them by my sewing shop tomorrow and ask them why the satin stitch on my monogramming is not denser. Also, my projects that need to be hooped take longer because it takes me so long to hoop correctly. I know that practice makes perfect and I just need to do it more. This was a good exercise in both hooping and centering for me. I can't wait to find out what I can do to improve the density.


  1. They look wonderful to me, but I totally understand about wanting to improve the "quality." I like my stitches tight and even. And I want my machine to work to its utmost potential!

  2. I went to visit my sewing shop today, took the towels to show them and they agreed that the satin stitching in the monogramming should be denser. So. . . they said there might be some software upgrading problems. I will probably take it in for them to check into that on Monday although I hate to be without it!

  3. Hopefully the upgrade will do the trick and the upload won't take too long. Let us know!