Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Fun Search

Back during Christmas, I was searching through catalogs and saw a very cute idea. Photographs were taken of architectural forms that resembled letters of the alphabet and the alphabet letters were framed for family names, each letter being separately matted.

Since that time, I have been looking around for "letters" in nature or architecture. Since I live in the country and am mostly here, I've found a few places and things to photograph that have that possibility.

In these photographs, I can see the possibility of an x, v, and o. With some cropping, enlarging, playing around a little (maybe change to B & W or Sepia), and matting and framing, I thought these photos had some possibility.

Of course, I'm playing around with white balance still and got the blue going on in some of them but I just like that so much! I haven't changed any to B & W or Sepia but I will and see what I like.

So in addition to going back to the bike photos with different lens lengths (now that the cold weather is gone at least for a while), I will be on a fun search for letters of the alphabet everywhere I go and try to always have my camera with me when I travel anywhere.

I'm also thinking of possibilities in older photographs, especially from our trip to London back in 1998! But those are not digital and guess I'll have to learn what to do to get them digitally on my computer. If anyone has expertise in this, I would appreciate the info. But, if not, I will continue to read, search and learn on my own.

These photos were taken of our pond in our front yard, fences in the neighborhood, and a feeding trough for horses.

I just love the blue!

I can see v and x here with some cropping.

I like the red and blue together. Wonder how it would look in B & W? Will have to try that! Hope you enjoyed the little mini-tour of just a corner of our neighborhood!


  1. I have one of these, it is a very neat idea!

  2. You have one of the names framed? Is it your married name? Perhaps a wedding gift? I think it's a neat idea, too. I'd love to see yours. Maybe you could post it on your blog!