Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Name It!

I spent most of the day with my mother today. As I was driving home, I just had a feeling that my husband had displayed the sign I gave him for Valentine's Day and I was right! I love it! I had my camera with me and as soon as I drove up, I grabbed it, made the settings and snapped about 5 or 6 pics. I love this one because our dog, Farley, positioned himself underneath the sign. As I was posting this, I just could not think of a title so I thought I'd let you fellow bloggers and followers of blogs that read this help me title this blog. It's so cute and fitting for Farley to be underneath the sign with that look on his face but I just could not think of a cute title. Maybe you can? Ideas?


  1. Uhm. I'm at a lost, frankly, as to a title. But I love the picture. And that sign is just too cool. It looks great and anyone will have to laugh, especially if little Farley is hanging around. Perfect! Thanks for making my day!