Friday, February 6, 2009


I love taking photos but hate to have mine taken. So why are you posting a photo of you on your blog, you say? I'll tell you why. I had a dental appointment today and after I finished getting dressed, my husband made the comment to me that I looked "nice" :) He hasn't made that comment to me in a long, long time! So I decided if he thought I looked nice, I'd put my photo on this blog. I guess he was so used to seeing me in old flannel pajama pants, a Tshirt and houseshoes with no make-up, etc. from being sick for so long that I did look "nice"! ha!

Also, I've seen so many blogs in which the bloggers photographed themselves with their cameras and wondered, "how do they do that?" One day it hit me! They're doing it looking in a mirror with no flash! Or at least I think that's what they're doing. So I decided to experiment around and give it a try and I think that's how they do it? duh? Am I right?
It's not too bad of a photograph. I may even use it as a profile photo on FB!


  1. You DO look very nice! And that green bracelet rocks.

  2. Yes you do look nice, but you always do when I am around.

  3. Thanks to both. The green bracelet was a gift from my younger daughter. She will be so pleased that it "rocks"! I'll have to be sure to tell her! That IS my favorite color!

  4. I don't know about beautiful! He just said "nice"! ha!