Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trip to Library

Today was a babysitting today and we went for a little trip to the local library. I had my camera with me and I feel like I kind of "fine-tuned" a little bit with white balance even those these aren't great shots or anything. I am learning that I need to be observant about SO many things which I manually operate my camera. This top photo of Paige and Ms. Sandra, the librarian, I snapped about 3 or 4 times. After the first one, I noticed a bluish tint to it so I automatically checked my white balance and it was set for daylight from photographing the motorcycle guy outside yesterday. So I switched it to tungsten light and it still looked blue. Then I looked up at the lights and realized (duh!) that they were fluorescent lights so I changed the white balance again to fluorescent and got the correct results in coloring below.


  1. I don't know how I missed this post. I saw it when I was showing my hubby how the "follow" works through the Blogger Dashboard. I've this thing about children and libraries, books and stories. Makes me feel warm. Thank you for sharing your daily adventures.

    As for the white balance, I can definitely see the difference, but I like the bluish tinge in the first picture...dreamy, like a reading adventure should be for a child!

  2. I agree. Sometimes I love the bluish tinge, too, and we love to go to the library. Our librarians are great, too. One day I need to go around and photograph different sections of our little library and show you how much energy and crativity they put into decorating the place. They honor EVERY season!

  3. That would be fun!

    I volunteered for a while at the Columbus (GA) Public Library and was always so impressed with how much they offered to the community, especially in the children's department. The one on one and face to face of a library is so important in this electronic age. I hope it can continue.