Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Accomplishment!

This is the closest thing I had of a photo of a pencil or pen! I did this on a program called Picnik. I took a photo of the plant and with the program, made it into a pencil drawing.

But that's not what my Big Accomplishment is for this post. I dedicated my entire Saturday today to finishing thank you notes concerning my mother's sickness and memorial service and filling out her book with information that the funeral home gave us. I did it! I did it because she did it for my daddy, my grandmother, my uncle, all sorts of relatives. So she must think it's important to fill out those books so I did hers. What a great feeling. I hate to have something like that "hanging over my head". I think it affects other things I want to accomplish because I'm so worried about this getting done in a timely fashion. And it could be affecting my sleep.

So now I can move on to other pursuits. I have to admit this one was not a fun thing to do although I feel like it was necessary. I also realize that not everything in life is fun. But now I feel like I can move on to some fun things to accomplish! Yay!

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