Sunday, September 6, 2009

Football, Football, Football

This photo is not from this year but football season has begun at our house. In the not too distant past, we did order season tickets and go to the games but decided to stop that. We can "enjoy" it from the comfort of our home now.

I am just not a big football fan, never have been. The last game of the regular season is the only one I'm interested in watching. Of course, I love to have bragging rights over winning any and all games because I graduated from Auburn University, as did my husband, both my children, and both my sons- in law. My dad attended but never graduated. We've just always been an Auburn family and Auburn IS a great place. I just don't care for football that much. There ARE other things at Auburn! But. . . . . WAR EAGLE!! And I wish the best for the football team this season! And we did win our first game last night!

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