Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sprouts Growing Sprouts

Here are a few different angles of our little sprout grandchild growing sprouts!

She brought them over here one day back in the middle of summer and we just never got "around to it" until one day last week. I should have photographed the little ladybug gardening tools and seed packet, too, but will do it the next time I photograph the progress of these flowers. It all was just so cute!

These are supposed to become African Daisies and the back of the seed packet says to plant the seeds in spring or summer. Well, it's still summer, isn't it? Until the 22nd of this month! AND, we planted them about a week or so ago. It's still hot. So we'll see. We're keeping them watered and outside for sheltered sunshine.

You really cannot tell how small the pot is because of how I photographed it. The next time I photograph it, I will try to show how little bitty the pot is - so cute!

It's so much fun to grow things with children and see it through their innocent, magical eyes. :)

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