Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'll Photograph ALMOST Anything!

This was the scene I ran into earlier this week! My first attempt did not work out. My vehicle was in the position where you see the white truck, turning left at this light. I rolled my window down and was really, really close. The two "cows" even posed for me and I snapped and looked at the photo only to see the photo and then a statement on my LCD screen that said no card in camera!! Ugh!

But I had another card in my bag and put it in the camera when I was able to park. When I came back out of the shopping area, this was the best angle I had.

I have started carrying my camera with me everywhere I go just about all the time now. But I need to remember to take my card out of the computer and put BACK IN THE CAMERA!!

Yesterday I was in line at a fast food place and saw the most beautiful, large butterfly! I reached for my camera, rolled down the window but was not quick enough. You just never know what you'll see or come in contact with when you're out and about. Might get a lucky photograph!

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