Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

I hate to use a photo twice on my blog but I've done it before. I actually like this photo. It's my computer and I love it and I like the colors in it. But the reason I posted it is because I spent the morning playing on my computer with Photoshop (finally!). I stayed up way too late last night playing with it, too. I ordered Video Professor to learn it and I've had good experiences with Video Professor. I popped in the first of three CDs and just am going through them listening (not playing along yet) and I actually think I can do this. I was surprised. I thought it was going to be way over my head but I think I can do it!

Then after lunch, I went to my youngest daughter's house and helped her paint a bedroom downstairs that she wants to make into a guest bedroom. She chose a really pretty color to use. It's called Snowdrop and it is so light, light, icy blue that it looks like the colors in pics of Alaska I saw at my brother's house yesterday from his vacation a year ago. Beautiful blues! At first, the paint just looked white but as it dried, it turned into this beautiful icy blue. She wants to make it a "cottage" look in this bedroom which I think will be very pretty. I told her I was ready to go out and buy the bedding! ha!

My husband was very sweet and had dinner cooked when I got home and I helped him clean up the kitchen. Then I had a little time to package up some correspondence to my sister and check my email and Facebook and post on here. Now I think to wind down, I will draw for at least 30 minutes. Another productive, day, feeling good that I helped someone again but at the same time, I took time for myself to learn something new and play around a little.

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