Saturday, September 5, 2009

Closets Revisited

This weekend my sister from Kentucky came to visit and to pack the things she's chosen to keep of Mama's and take back home with her. She rented a UHaul truck because she had some big pieces of furniture and a few big boxes. While they were doing this, I went back into one of her extra bedrooms where I had an experience that I won't forget and took a picture where it happened. Above is a picture of this teeny tiny closet where she kept her sewing and creative treasures. This was the last place I looked through and I can't figure out if I was saving the best for last or was scared of it and saved it for last.

I opened it up (and you can see how small it is from the above photo) and started sorting through her fabrics, thread, buttons, scissors, thimbles, and when I got to the patterns, I lost it. I just broke down and boo-hoo-ed because there I found the patterns that she made my wedding dress from, my prom dress, my bridesmaids dresses, my sisters' things, brother's shirts, my daddy's things that she made - just the whole family. All of a sudden I felt this burst of love coming from that teeny, tiny closet. It's just amazing to me that much love, over 60 years worth, could come from such a tiny place. It was then that I realized how much she loved us, how smart she was, how industrious she was, how caring she was, how creative she was in many, many ways, how unselfish she was and how much I love her and miss her.

They don't make "mamas" like that anymore!

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