Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Booth - A LONG Time Ago!

Here's a photo I scanned (still learning how to do this) a while back when I first bought my scanner. I am guessing that I'm about 15 years old and my brother is about 12 years old. I think it's cute.

Guess I'm posting it because it's a photo with both of my parents when they were young and I really like it. It also reminds me of the different traits I inherited from both of my parents.

One is temper which I lost last night and was still angry this morning. I was so angry with my husband last night that I didn't think I would go to sleep but, surprisingly, I went right to sleep and slept a very good night's sleep until about 7 this morning. But when my feet hit the floor (and immediately, I might add!), I was still angry. So I immediately took my vitamin and calcium with a glass of milk and started vacuuming the house with furor.

This is what made me so angry last night. The silliest thing. He said he would like for "us" to get in a routine of cleaning and vacuuming the house. It infuriated me. I tend to over-react just like my daddy and can have a temper like he had. So I woke up still just as angry as when I went to sleep for some reason and just started vacuuming.

But, you see, I used to hold in my anger and would end up depressed, sometimes very depressed. I'm trying to find ways to vent my anger in a healthier way and physical things are a good way for me. My husband calls it over-reacting but I call it a healthy way to vent my anger. I also wrote in long-hand how I felt and then shredded it. It was almost like a prayer for help and it works for me!

When I got home today, my floors were clean and my husband was nicer to me and I had gotten over my anger. Whatever works, right?

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