Friday, May 15, 2009

Back to My Closet!

Back to the closet situation. This pictured above doesn't look too bad but just keep scrolling and you'll see what a mess my closet was in. I know, what crazy person would expose her closet like this? But I am just out there right now, heart's on my sleeve, and everything. Here I am, warts and all! Like it or not!

Could you believe a closet could hold all this junk?

Here's where the cat threw up. That's when I said, "enough"!!!!!

I plan to have the finished photo, hopefully tomorrow. I have given away one kitchen trash bag of shoes and one kitchen trash bag of purses to Goodwill plus a few pairs of pants and lots of coat hangers. I spray painted my old shoe rack. I cleaned the carpet really good and got all the cans of paint and supplies, art supplies, TV trays, a heater, bag of fiberfill, camera bags, just all the junk that doesn't belong on the floor outta there! I washed the dog bed and put it back in. That's where he sleeps a lot and sometimes with the cat that threw up on the floor! ha! I really am not a nasty person but was just stepping over this and putting other things first. Then I had enough and got busy. I'm having to accomplish this in baby steps but hope to have you a cute little clean closet to show you in a day or two.


  1. I love before and after pictures! Your closet really doesn't look that bad. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. I'm not brave enough to show my own closet to the world yet. :)

  2. I agree...I don't think your closet looked that bad. But, it's nice to clean things out, straighten up, have a fresh start and waltz right in for the good stuff! :)