Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flowers for the Playroom

These are flowers for Miss Priss's playroom that I kind of "recycled". I've had the artificial zinnias for a while and the container was one that my youngest sister's flowers were in that she gave my mother while she was in the hospital. When the flowers died, my mother asked me to just take the container and do whatever I wanted with it so I did this. I think it looks so cute and "girly" in her playroom. It remains to be seen how long the spanish moss stays in place! ha! I may in the near future take the arrangement back to my mother for her room in rehab. I just did this yesterday.

I decided to experiment with some F stops and see if I could see any difference in the depth of field. All three photos were taken with ISO 200 speed, 18 mm. lens, and set at daylight white balance because I didn't have any artificial lights on - I just opened all the shutters to let in natural light. I also set the camera to do manual settings.

The top photo was taken at F8 (the WHO CARES F stop) and 1/6 shutter speed.

This second photo was taken at F22 and .75 shutter speed.

This third one was taken at F3.5 and 1/45 second shutter speed. As you can see, I was standing with the camera in the top photo and squatting in the second and third - just a different angle.

I like the bottom photo the best but really can't see any difference in depth of field in any of them like I thought I would. Which one do you like the best?

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  1. Adorable arrangement. The playroom looks bright and beautiful, a delicious spot to hang and imagine!

    I agree...I don't see a difference in depth of field. Color, however, yes. I like the first and third, the third probably best...not so bright that you lose the detail of the zinnias. Fun, isn't it!