Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Much Better!!

Awww, this is so much better. Clothes are sorted through and organized, extra hangers thrown out and there's even room on the top shelf for more "stuff".

There's a little more fine-tuning to do but I have books I love to refer to and art supplies and books in the baskets and extra room on some of these shelves, too.

I took my old shoe rack that's about 30-something yrs. old and gave it a new coat of paint and my shoes are weeded through and organized. Winter shoes are under the bed in a rubbermaid container. I threw out a lot of shoes, purses, and clothing.

You can see Farley's little bed in the right corner and he's got more room now. Plus I washed his little bed, too:) He loves to sleep in there and now it's all clean and neat for him:) Sometimes the kitty will join him!

I folded and stacked my jeans and winter tops and all my jewelry is together. You can see a stack of books with a bag on top. There is some fine-tuning to do there with the art books and supplies, arts and crafts. I want to get projects in bags and ready to grab at a minute's notice with all the varied (too many) interests I have!

So there it is - all finished and organized and so nice to walk into and see and find things easier. I just hope it stays that way. The floor really needs to be shampooed but I cleaned it with spray cleaner for now and after my birthday and a big family reunion held here middle of June, I will tackle that.

Tomorrow is the big day - the Big Six Oh Birthday!! Tonight is the last night I'll be 59 yrs. old. So far, none of the milestones have bothered me but with this one, I think - in ten years, I'll be 70 and then in ten more, I'll be 80, etc. (if I make it that long). But that's life!

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