Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Bike, My Closet and My Mother!

This is my bike and I started riding it again this morning. My plans were to ride my bike early, then eat a sensible, good breakfast and get to work on my closet. It is horrible. I can't even walk in there. I did take pictures and I will post them here when I am through (before and after) but I am still working on it!! I have tried on every pair of pants that were in that closet. After I did, I was glad I started riding my bike! ha!

I've weeded through shoes, bags, pants, shorts, books, and everything that was on the floor. I've vacuumed and cleaned up stains. I've cleaned all shelves except the very top ones. So all I have left are the top shelves, skirt/dresses/jackets and tops but that will take a while. This is some job but I'll be so happy with it when I'm through.

I did not go visit my mother today but just talked to her on the phone. She is finally in a room where she is happy with everything, her position next to the AC, her roommate, closer to the bathroom, windows and she got a shampoo, haircut and blow dry today. I put a TV in there for her until we can get her cable hooked up now that we're pretty sure she's happy and in the room she wants to be in. She will have an evaluation on the 25th that we'll attend to see what kind of status they give us on her. I will take her to the doctor on Friday to have her eyes examined and new glasses so she can see better. It's been years since she's done that.

You know the expression, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? I think we all got happy today! Hallelujah! ha!


  1. My closet got some work today too, but not as thorough as yours! I got out the vaccuum and attachments and it was so nasty that I even had to vaccuum the shoes before I put them back in the clean closet! Now that's bad!

  2. So glad your mom is doing well and in a room she feels comfortable. Small blessings, one day at a time.

    And how glorious, a ride on your bike, before tackling your...closet?! WOW! Spring cleaning in a very good way! :)