Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just a Swangin'

Guess this photo best depicts the broken or fallen swing:( We've gone through two wicker swings, the first one being an antique, and I guess we're just going to give up on wicker as much as I love it. Everything we have on our back screened-in porch that is wicker is just falling apart. The cats are bad to scratch on all the furniture and the weather has worn it out, too.

This happened yesterday very late in the afternoon. Paige and I went to the back porch and were just a swangin' when all of a sudden, the chain and big screw on one side (the side where I was sitting, thank goodness!) just fell out of the ceiling. I was talking to my mother on the phone when it happened. No one was hurt but Paige just cried and cried and cried. I think it scared her so much. I was laughing and she was crying. Now that I think back, we could have had broken legs, etc. and we are very lucky.

My husband and I had been talking about just replacing that swing with a wooden swing and getting new furniture to replace all the worn out wicker.

Since it happened on MY side, it makes me REALLY want to work harder at losing weight!! Ugh!


  1. I saw the picture and went, "Oops!" Poor little girl. I bet it was pretty scary. Maybe she understood that neither of you were hurt, but the sudden jolt alone is disturbing as it seemed a carefree moment. "Things" fall apart. Isn't it good life is so much bigger then that?

  2. My husband has his drill battery charging ready to hand it up again. After all, a swing has been hanging there for 15 years! But now I'm wondering about the other side!!