Monday, May 18, 2009

My Version of The Mad Bluebird!

Today was my lucky day. I rode my bike this morning and when I was putting my bike back in the garage, I noticed a couple of what I thought were bluebirds flying around in our backyard. So I ran inside and got binoculars to check it out. I was fairly sure that's what they were and when I told my husband, he said, yes, he had been seeing them back there, too, lately. So then I ran back in and got my camera, put the telephoto lens on and went outside and just sat and waited on the back of my husband's tractor. I waited and waited and finally here they came just flying around and playing. It was almost as if they were teasing me.

Finally, one of the birds kept landing in different locations and I got 20+ "poses" from him/her. There were two of them and I wonder if they were a couple. I say poses because he/she acted like he/she was posing for me when I got my camera out. It was very comical and delightful! In fact, it was the highlight of my day today (besides getting to see my daughter and granddaughter:)

If you haven't heard of the famous photograph The Mad Bluebird, go here to read all about the story behind it and see the very cute photograph. I think it's my favorite photo of all time and a great story! **Make sure you keep scrolling down on the mad bluebird website to read the story behind the photograph. It's very interesting!**


  1. What a wonderful picture and story.

  2. for some reason the picture did not show up for me:(...but sounds very interesting.