Friday, May 29, 2009


Remember my post a few days ago about shopping in Barnes & Noble? Well, this is one of the books I came across for 40% off! I felt pretty lucky with this because I really needed some instruction to use the resistance bands I bought about a year or two ago. They did come with a little pamphlet giving some exercises but they didn't say what part of the body it worked and I just feel like I needed more detail.

So. . . I tried out one of these exercises yesterday and I think it's very do-able for me. There are two types of bands in two different lengths. One is a lighter resistance to start with for beginners which I will definitely use. You must start easy and build up to prevent injury.

I haven't decided when I will start but I have decided I will only do it 3 times a week because the instructions in the book say your muscles need to rest a certain number of hours before working them again.

Another reason I haven't started anything like this is that since Apr. 28 (the day my brother and I took my mother to the ER), my energy level has been so depleted. It's just now starting to build back up. I feel better today than I've felt since Apr. 28 and that's been a whole month. It's amazing what stress can do to your body even if you're sleeping good, eating right, and getting exercise. I think the mental part of it is more difficult to deal with. But I hope I'm on my way to better health - physically, mentally and spiritually.

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