Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back From Vacation!

This where I've been for the past 4 days - near water! We were invited by some wonderful friends to come be with them at the beach and had a wonderful time. I took around 40 photos one afternoon and chose some of my favorite ones to post since I've missed posting for 4 to 5 days. I wanted to upload more but it wouldn't let me. Don't know what I'm doing wrong or if they limit you here to so many photos to upload on one post? Anyone know about that? Anyway, the blue is just beautiful, don't you think?

On this particular afternoon walk, we saw the most beautiful flowers everywhere! I don't know what this is but isn't it beautiful?!?

More of the unusual (for me, at least) and so, so beautiful!

This is one of my favorite photos because it shows how much and how strong the wind was blowing that day. It was a beautiful day but the wind was really strong. Here is that beautiful blue again but this time in the sky.

Just got lucky and caught the sunbeams here. These flowerbeds were gorgeous and they were everywhere. I just love the snapdragons.

And finally, I got this shot for my girls. This is one of their favorite flowers and I saw only one, the perfect color for my girls - PINK!! More tomorrow!


  1. You captured the color and effects so well in these photos. I absolutely love the flowers. How cool are they? Awesome! Looks like a wonderful few days in a beautiful place with dear friends. Life IS good!

  2. The flowers are beautiful - they're called Foxgloves. You can grow them here, also. They're perennials so they come back! Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos!! What pretty colors! I can't wait to get a new camera!! I also like your Easter decor - I am going to have to get it together next year and put some up myself.