Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Promised

I think I promised a few posts back that I would photograph my collection of Easter eggs "up close".

These eggs are very special to me because they were painted by a dear, dear 80-something year old lady at our church and given to me as gifts for the past six years.

I didn't get one this year. She broke her ankle, had surgery on the ankle, and didn't paint as many eggs as she usually does every year. She said she starts painting Easter eggs right after Christmas and starts painting Christmas ornaments right after Easter so I guess she paints all year!

She did paint one for Paige this year and has every year since she's been born. I was very happy about that. I didn't photograph it before I gave it to her but maybe I can "borrow" it one day and photograph it. It had a bluebird on it and was very sweet.

This tradition goes way back when my girls, nieces and nephews were small children. I ordered eggs from her every year for my two girls, two nieces, and a nephew until they were twenty-one. Then I started ordering them for Paige and she just started painting one for me every year about 7 years ago. Plus I've been receiving Christmas ornaments for a few years from her, too. I will post pics of them when it's closer to Christmas. They are gorgeous, too.

She is married to her second husband but a little while after her first husband died, I asked her if I could come watch her paint. She told me that she painted every Wednesday. She said she would love for me to come visit. It was a very interesting visit to watch how she does it and she has two kilns (one as a backup). I had never seen a kiln until then. She used to enter her work in the fair and always won blue ribbons but doesn't do that anymore. She does beautiful work and I wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoyed the close examination of each egg. The photos do not show it but my name and the year with the word Easter is on each egg, either at the top, bottom, or side. I treasure these beautiful eggs.

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful. How talented she is and generous with her time. Easter eggs and Christmas ornaments...lovely traditions that show heart.