Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today I spent the day with my mother. We watched church TV, ate lunch, and then I asked if I could look through her crocheting things. I am looking for a particular type pattern.

As we were looking through her crocheting things, we found a card from a craft club she belonged to when she was a young woman. It cost $1 a month to belong and they would send a kit for you to do of different kinds of crafts.

On this particular card (part of which is pictured above), there was a list of about 300 people who won gifts by entering some sort of sweepstakes with them and there were drawings of the prizes possible to win. This picture of a hair dryer was one of the prizes. When I saw it, I just burst out laughing. I had a hair dryer like this when I was a teenager. I remember it well. I would wash, rinse and comb the tangles out of my hair, then roll it on rollers and sit under this hair dryer. It was really a cool thing to own one of these hair dryers! ha!

My mother and I had the best laugh over this. I just wonder if any of you out there remember this hair dryer?

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  1. I remember my mom or my oldest sister had a blue hair dryer something like this, but the cap was hard shell. It was also self-contained almost like it could be a piece of luggage or a carry-on. It took so long to dry, especially if you had long hair like I did. WOW! What a blast from the past. :)