Friday, April 17, 2009

Coincidental Day

I've been searching my mind for something to post today. I felt as if I had nothing interesting to post because I just felt like I did nothing productive (or interesting) today. I had low energy. I kept telling myself, I'll eat, do my laundry and then go upstairs and sew. I made all my phone calls I needed to make, checked my email, checked my blogs, checked FB, more laundry, eat again, still no sewing.

Then I decided I would just not beat myself up for not doing any sewing, that I was just not in the mood for it today for some reason and I just wanted to lie down and read. I picked up this book (pictured above) that I've been reading a little now and then for a couple of weeks. This is a book about the shootings at Columbine. When I read today, I finally reached the section in the book when the shootings took place and realized that on the 20th of this month, in three days, it will be 10 years since this event happened! My goodness, where does the time go? It really does not seem like it's been 10 years since this happened.

The dictionary defines coincidental as happening by chance without being planned. Taking time today to go back to this book and reading about the date all this horror happened at about the same time 10 years ago IS completely coincidental. I don't know why but things like this just amaze me and confirm my belief in a higher power in this world. Maybe I was not meant to sew today. Maybe I needed to read about this incident that really happened in our world 10 years ago and reflect on it.

I've made my post for the day so back to my book!

NOTE: Last night while taking pics at Disney on Ice, my youngest daughter and I "shared" shooting photos with my camera because Paige would sit in my lap part of the time and in her lap part of the time. To me, photography is the most challenging under the conditions we were in last night. Emily got the best photos and she told me she was shooting in a flash off mode. It was so dark in there that I could not see very well to turn my dial on the top to the different modes. I thought I had it on just auto pics and I had accidentally put it on flash off mode. Those were the best pics in the group. So I learned something about my camera operation and I will investigate it further in my operation manual.


  1. You mentioned about photography that if you have the time, take the time, you can find something of which to take a photo, 365. And I believe you've just done the same with a blog entry. And that, too, is a coincidence!

    Your day was your complete and total reality. And reality is a good thing, never bad for what isn't done. It's not meant to be. But, what is has truth and impact. Ten years. A cause for reflection.

    Thank you for your post today, every day. It's a warm place for me. :)

  2. Wow! Thank you very much! I'm speechless!