Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Cooking Tip and Sex Manual Tip in One Glorious Post!

OK, so this is my blog for the year I turn 60, right? And, what, you ask is this photo? Well. . . today I wanted to make banana bread and in my recipe I use for this most of the time, I was missing one ingredient so I had to switch recipes. This was easy to do because of the accumulation of cookbooks over 37 years of marriage. So I found one and was putting all the ingredients together. I noticed a little footnote at the end of the recipe as I was working that said something to the effect that if you want the walnuts (I like to use pecans) to spread throughout the batter and not sink to the bottom, to take about a tablespoon of flour and sprinkle your nuts with the flour and this would make them spread throughout the batter.

In all my 37+ years of cooking, I'd never heard of this. My husband was on the computer in the kitchen while I was working and he is a very good and experienced cook. He was a cook in the Army National Guard for years and cooked for big, big groups of men. He knows a lot about cooking so I asked him if he'd ever heard of doing that.

This was his comment that kept me laughing for a good while: "No, I've never heard of that. It sounds like something you'd read in a sex manual. Coat your nuts with flour before you stick your banana in!" ha!

Now I hope none of you reading this are offended but as you get older, the less tactful you seem to be and certain statements just strike you as humorous! I told my mother and she had a good belly laugh from it and she's 82 this year! I didn't think she was going to quit laughing. I guess you could just say my husband has a way with words?!?

Anyway, I tried it and it worked and I thought I would share this cooking hint with all of you who come here to read. I hope you got a good belly laugh out of it, too!

Oh, I almost forgot! The photo is of my coated nuts!!! ha!


  1. I love Johnny. He's the best hahahahaha

  2. Wahooo!!!!!!!! Love it, love it! :D

  3. I am so glad to hear ya'll were on vacation. I knew you had been sick a little bit and had not gotten on the blog in a few days so i was a little worried. I was so anxious for you to hear the news! We are so excited!!!